You already know Della’s name—even her secret middle name. But what other names did we consider while she was, as pictured, in utero? Some doozies! Keep in mind, we didn’t know if she would be of the fair or unfair sex.

Alfred Utah: Alfie for short.

George Junius

Althea Oregon*: Althea of Grateful Dead fame. (*Steve never gave “Oregon” respectful consideration.)

George Michael: Again, Steve wouldn’t entertain this idea. Not, surprisingly, because of the gay ’80s pop star, but because of the late local sports news anchor of the same name.

Della Azalea

Did you know we almost named Della “Della Azalea”? It’s sort of a shame we didn’t, because now that spring is here, we realize we have some pretty serious azaleas on our property. As you know, Della ended up with her mom’s last name as a middle name, just like they do it in Latin America (and sometimes on Anne Tucker Lane). So what went wrong? (Or right, according to some.)

1. Everyone* said “Della Azalea” was a mouthful.

2. Although American rap artist Aezalia (sic) Banks originally inspired our interest in this name, I became uneasy with the idea of friends and family eventually hearing this song. ***CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK. EXTREMELY EXPLICIT LYRICS. NANNY JUNE, DO NOT CLICK.***

3. After four hours of pushing, Johanna Jr. would not have seemed far-fetched.

*One woman in the waiting room at one of my prenatal appointments liked “Della Azalea.” Her twins are named Sincere and Nacere. 

Della, the Average Baby

This is Della daysleeping. Yesterday she did too much of this.

Normally Della is a really good sleeper, earning her nicknames such as “The Golden Baby” and “Princess of Peace.” Here’s a short history: She basically slept through her first two weeks of life, waking only when we removed all of her clothes, including her diaper, and tickled her. Then for the third week she slept for about three hours at a time. And ever since she can go for five to seven hours at night. She is such a good sleeper, some people don’t even like her.

Well, haters, today is your day. Because she slept so much yesterday, she was up from 1:30 ’til 6 this morning, with a 45-minute nap in between. Which is why we are calling her “Average Baby.” But just for today.


Will Della have any? We don’t know. For now, Della is all the pet Mom and Dad can handle. Here’s something else about pets: When Della was first born, Steve used to accidentally refer to the the pediatrician as the vet.

Six Weeks

Della attended her first dinner party last night, or at least the first where she was allowed to sit at the table and accept flirtations. Dinner guest Randall Edwards commented on Della’s beautiful lips and round head. 

Blog Traffic

Steve flew to North Carolina last Friday for our friends Olivia and Will’s wedding. While he was gone, the blog went from getting, like, seven (quality) hits a day to 53! I was surprised. But it also made sense, because my post about the cuddle party was pretty funny. I asked Steve if he had posted a link on Facebook or something. No. And then he realized he had probably looked at the blog 45 or 50 times while he was away.