Della, the Average Baby

This is Della daysleeping. Yesterday she did too much of this.

Normally Della is a really good sleeper, earning her nicknames such as “The Golden Baby” and “Princess of Peace.” Here’s a short history: She basically slept through her first two weeks of life, waking only when we removed all of her clothes, including her diaper, and tickled her. Then for the third week she slept for about three hours at a time. And ever since she can go for five to seven hours at night. She is such a good sleeper, some people don’t even like her.

Well, haters, today is your day. Because she slept so much yesterday, she was up from 1:30 ’til 6 this morning, with a 45-minute nap in between. Which is why we are calling her “Average Baby.” But just for today.

3 thoughts on “Della, the Average Baby

  1. My Darling Della could NEVER be average! She just wants to give you a taste of what is to come…. just think what the teen years are going to be like!!!!!!

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