Della Azalea

Did you know we almost named Della “Della Azalea”? It’s sort of a shame we didn’t, because now that spring is here, we realize we have some pretty serious azaleas on our property. As you know, Della ended up with her mom’s last name as a middle name, just like they do it in Latin America (and sometimes on Anne Tucker Lane). So what went wrong? (Or right, according to some.)

1. Everyone* said “Della Azalea” was a mouthful.

2. Although American rap artist Aezalia (sic) Banks originally inspired our interest in this name, I became uneasy with the idea of friends and family eventually hearing this song. ***CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK. EXTREMELY EXPLICIT LYRICS. NANNY JUNE, DO NOT CLICK.***

3. After four hours of pushing, Johanna Jr. would not have seemed far-fetched.

*One woman in the waiting room at one of my prenatal appointments liked “Della Azalea.” Her twins are named Sincere and Nacere. 

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