Old Friends

Grampa Mike came to visit!

We all got haircuts, except for Della. Some people say her hair is thinning! Others say it is really beautiful. Still others claim that it’s curly/blonde/long… What’s not debatable is the luxuriousness of this young grandfather’s silver locks. The hairdresser at Pazzaz said so.

On Friday night we all went out to dinner at Rustico, and the Andersons got sort of romantico with each other.

By Saturday morning, Grampa’s health had taken a turn for the worse. He came down with some sort of vicious virus and was quarantined to the back room. We were only allowed to hang out with him on the back deck, like this:

Grampa left on Sunday to do some work in Baltimore. We hear he is on the mend. Get well soon, Gramps! 

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