Sensitive People

Last night we were afraid Della had finally learned to cry. Did Annie teach her? We were over there yesterday. Here she is whispering in Della’s ear. 

Della cried really loud, rather than just making her mousy baby noises, which we prefer. If Annie’s not to blame, then it was the pineapple pizza Mom ate for dinner Thursday night. I’d been avoiding milk and cheese since Della was born because of evidence of early dairy sensitivity in her maternal lineage. But then I just really wanted some pizza. 

Any photos from Della’s crying fit are too graphic for circulation. Here she is during happier times.


Footie Jammies

Although less than two months old, Della is already breaking out her three month wardrobe. While Banana Republic and other grown-up retailers practice size inflation to make adults feel skinny, Carter’s and Babies R Us deflate sizes to make babies feel big.

Behind the scenes:

After party:


Undocumented Walkers

Of course, Della and I go for walks, but they’re sort of hard to document. Steve was with us yesterday, so he snapped this photo:

A lot of times we walk through the mid-century modern neighborhood Hollin Hills (pictured). We also walk with Grandma Linda along the GW Parkway. And once we walked to the fabric store via historic/scenic Route 1. So far, Della mostly just falls asleep or grunts with her eyes closed.

Sipped and Seen

Della met her much younger cousin Hugh at Sunday’s Sip and See, hosted by Aunt Jane Prugh. 

Recently married Aunt Olivia is pretty good at holding babies.

In the end, the covetous mother got her baby back.

Oh. This is Della eating a burrito before the event. She wanted to get a base prior to all that sipping.