Farewell to Camp Anderson

Della’s final report card:

Della arrived for her last day of camp sound asleep. She later told me that she wanted to get the nap over as quickly as possible so that she could get going on her fun filled day. She also mentioned that she had two goals in mind: 1) to be voted the best camper of the week and 2) to be appointed to be on the Wessynton Neighborhood Watch Patrol. She was hoping that the neighbors would waive the residency requirement. Fingers crossed for her dream. Our spin around the neighborhood was quite hot, so we decided to stop by the pool to dip our feet into the pool to cool off.  As luck would have it there were a number of other small folks at the pool who were able to entertain Della with their swimming. Because Della was so busy watching the others – she did not have time to work on her back stroke in preparation for the Olympics in 2032.  We will go back later this afternoon for her practice.

Today is arts and crafts day at camp. We had to call junior camp counselor Grand-dad over from the” tennis courts” to help assist with our footprint project. Please see picture below of a work in progress.

After careful consideration of Della’s behavior at camp this week, all of the counselors and neighbors have agreed that we would be delighted to extend an invitation to her to return next year. Following is her rating for the week:

Deportment – Superior
Attitude – Superior
Kindness to others – Superior
Cuteness and Sweetness – Over the top

On behalf of the camp staff, we thank you for this opportunity to spend precious time with your daughter.

L F Anderson

Camp Anderson: Day 2

Another update from Senior Camp Counselor Linda Anderson:

After a quick cat nap, Della settled down to complete some exercises on her play mat. She then wanted to watch some Wimbledon with her grand-dad, which she joys and that is why she and her grand-dad were so very bummed out when the matches were called because of rain. Grandma was delighted because they could get going for their tour of the neighborhood.

It is a beautiful day,  and Della was in her element greeting neighbors and their dogs. She wanted to make a quick stop to visit her friend Kathy Dennis, and it was fun watching these two “old” friends seeing one another again! She also stopped by to say hello to Mrs. MacArthur, who remembers Della’s dad when he moved into Anne Tucker Lane in 1983. Part of the plan today was for Della to begin her playground/gymnastics routines. Below is Della preparing for her swinging experience.  She got right into the routine.

We are home now and Della is having another brief nap before her lunch. This afternoon we have plans to go to the pool.

Camp Anderson

Della didn’t get the job at Potomac, so we’ve sent her to Camp Anderson for a few days. Tuition includes live updates, which we share with you below, written by Senior Camp Counselor Linda Anderson. 

Greetings from Camp!
So far it has been a fun filled day and it is only 11:30! After arriving and getting unpacked and receiving some snuggles, Della took a quick nap to get ready for her tour of the neighborhood. Snack time and then we were ready for our outing. We saw lots of people on our walk – Mary Woods, two cute girls at the duck pond who entertained Della with their smiles, Gina B (Tommy’s sister), Peggy Ross (who is babysitting her 6 month old grand-daughter – hope to have a play date later) and Pam Patrick. To top it off we helped the Russells find their lost dog. Now Della is watching Wimbledon with her grand-daddy, who is giving her pointers.  Lunch time soon and maybe another nap.
Love to all…

Day Care Days

We try not to intrude on Della’s private life. The conversation usually goes, “How was day care, Della?” “Fine.” So we can’t help but savor the little details that do slip out:

-There are a bunch of little girls that treat Della like a baby celebrity. When I lift Della out of her crib at the end of the day I feel like I’m the monkey presenting the baby lion king. All the kids gather around to touch her hands and feet and coo reverently, “Della…Della…”

-Anja and Elyse invited Della to a moonbounce party, and Anja was really worried that Della wouldn’t get the invitation because she wouldn’t be able to hold it.

-She is often referred to as “Sweetie Baby.”

-When I put Della in her car seat, a little girl named Madison kneels down and puts her hand on Della’s hand and gives me this look like I’m child protective services and I’ve come to take her baby away.