Beef and Babes and Sugarloaf Mountain

We took the kids to Sugarloaf Mountain.

We had lunch on a rock.

Annie ate some cheese and some dirt and some dirty cheese.

Then we went to South Mountain Creamery. The moms took the babies to see the baby animals…

…And the dads packed up 177 pounds of frozen grass-fed beef to take home. (That’s only a quarter cow!) When we paid the lady at the cash register, she told us where we could park our truck. We were worried we wouldn’t have enough cooler space. People started making unhelpful comparisons: Lizzie explained that Annie was about 25 pounds, and three Annies wouldn’t be that much. I said that Steve weighed about 170 pounds, and that is also not that much. Luckily, the meat fit into our five coolers perfectly.

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