Day Care Days

We try not to intrude on Della’s private life. The conversation usually goes, “How was day care, Della?” “Fine.” So we can’t help but savor the little details that do slip out:

-There are a bunch of little girls that treat Della like a baby celebrity. When I lift Della out of her crib at the end of the day I feel like I’m the monkey presenting the baby lion king. All the kids gather around to touch her hands and feet and coo reverently, “Della…Della…”

-Anja and Elyse invited Della to a moonbounce party, and Anja was really worried that Della wouldn’t get the invitation because she wouldn’t be able to hold it.

-She is often referred to as “Sweetie Baby.”

-When I put Della in her car seat, a little girl named Madison kneels down and puts her hand on Della’s hand and gives me this look like I’m child protective services and I’ve come to take her baby away.

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