Camp Anderson

Della didn’t get the job at Potomac, so we’ve sent her to Camp Anderson for a few days. Tuition includes live updates, which we share with you below, written by Senior Camp Counselor Linda Anderson. 

Greetings from Camp!
So far it has been a fun filled day and it is only 11:30! After arriving and getting unpacked and receiving some snuggles, Della took a quick nap to get ready for her tour of the neighborhood. Snack time and then we were ready for our outing. We saw lots of people on our walk – Mary Woods, two cute girls at the duck pond who entertained Della with their smiles, Gina B (Tommy’s sister), Peggy Ross (who is babysitting her 6 month old grand-daughter – hope to have a play date later) and Pam Patrick. To top it off we helped the Russells find their lost dog. Now Della is watching Wimbledon with her grand-daddy, who is giving her pointers.  Lunch time soon and maybe another nap.
Love to all…

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