Camp Anderson: Day 2

Another update from Senior Camp Counselor Linda Anderson:

After a quick cat nap, Della settled down to complete some exercises on her play mat. She then wanted to watch some Wimbledon with her grand-dad, which she joys and that is why she and her grand-dad were so very bummed out when the matches were called because of rain. Grandma was delighted because they could get going for their tour of the neighborhood.

It is a beautiful day,  and Della was in her element greeting neighbors and their dogs. She wanted to make a quick stop to visit her friend Kathy Dennis, and it was fun watching these two “old” friends seeing one another again! She also stopped by to say hello to Mrs. MacArthur, who remembers Della’s dad when he moved into Anne Tucker Lane in 1983. Part of the plan today was for Della to begin her playground/gymnastics routines. Below is Della preparing for her swinging experience.  She got right into the routine.

We are home now and Della is having another brief nap before her lunch. This afternoon we have plans to go to the pool.

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