Farewell to Camp Anderson

Della’s final report card:

Della arrived for her last day of camp sound asleep. She later told me that she wanted to get the nap over as quickly as possible so that she could get going on her fun filled day. She also mentioned that she had two goals in mind: 1) to be voted the best camper of the week and 2) to be appointed to be on the Wessynton Neighborhood Watch Patrol. She was hoping that the neighbors would waive the residency requirement. Fingers crossed for her dream. Our spin around the neighborhood was quite hot, so we decided to stop by the pool to dip our feet into the pool to cool off.  As luck would have it there were a number of other small folks at the pool who were able to entertain Della with their swimming. Because Della was so busy watching the others – she did not have time to work on her back stroke in preparation for the Olympics in 2032.  We will go back later this afternoon for her practice.

Today is arts and crafts day at camp. We had to call junior camp counselor Grand-dad over from the” tennis courts” to help assist with our footprint project. Please see picture below of a work in progress.

After careful consideration of Della’s behavior at camp this week, all of the counselors and neighbors have agreed that we would be delighted to extend an invitation to her to return next year. Following is her rating for the week:

Deportment – Superior
Attitude – Superior
Kindness to others – Superior
Cuteness and Sweetness – Over the top

On behalf of the camp staff, we thank you for this opportunity to spend precious time with your daughter.

L F Anderson

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Camp Anderson

  1. I am delighted (and relieved) that Darling Della did such an outstanding job at Camp Anderson in her first summer. Brava Della!!!!! And bravi to the counselors!!!!! Aunt Joan

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