Quite a Guy

Dellie started her tour in SLC, where she met Nanny June, Bappa Paul and Uncle Don. Nanny J tried to teach Della her first word (Nanny) while Grampa Mike hung out at the Verizon store trying to replace Nanny’s broken flip phone. No progress on either front! 

Later we went to Uncle Don’s house for Ginger Beer and steak.

Everybody got their pitcher taken.

Della was well behaved and well liked by all. As Bappa Paul said, “He’s quite a guy!”

Kuilima Cove

It was like this on the North Shore, where we stayed after leaving Da Pink House:

Did you know the Hawaiian language only uses 12 letters? We decided Della’s Hawaiian name would be Kuilima, even though a local cautioned against it because you can’t just have any name you want in Hawaii. You have to ask for it.