Eating Food

I talked a big game about “baby-led weaning”: skipping purees, skipping spoons, skipping baby cereal, waiting until Della could put steamed sticks of grown-up food in her mouth by herself. So on Sunday we gave her some grab-able sticks of soft sweet potato. Of course, she gagged (perfectly normal! say the baby-led weaning sites), and the next day I bought four spoons and a box of Gerber oatmeal. Here she is eating the milkiest spoonful of oatmeal ever to be called oatmeal. But she liked it!

Above Average, But Only Moderately So

Keeping it modest, Della shares her six-month stats:

Weight: 17#2/79th percentile

Length: 27 inches/88th percentile

Head: 17 inches/70th percentile

We may have told some of you that she weighed 20 pounds and measured 29 inches. Couple of things: When we weigh her, we get on the scale with her, and it’s tempting to underestimate one’s our own poundage. As for length, I think the pediatrician has a faulty measuring tape.

Crab Feast

We try to eat crabs once a year, and this year was no different. Still, it has always seemed unnecessarily time-consuming. Now, more so. With Della and Adrian in the mix, there was precious little time for picking and eating, which may explain why the accompanying libations hit us all so hard. 

Six Months

There have been a lot of questions about Della’s cuteness and my ability to stand it. “How can you stand it?” “Can you even stand it?” Up until now, I have said, thank you, she is very cute, but I am strong and I can take it. Now, officially, as of this morning, I will admit: I positively cannot stand it, not for one minute. I’ve reached my threshold, and I give up. 

Fairy Garden

Some fairies took over the apple tree in Nanny Rosie’s garden. Sorry some of the pictures are blurry. Obviously, we had to be quick to catch the fairies in action.

Look at the tiny table! And chairs made of stolen thread spools. 

Here we were trying to sneak up on them. 

We had to get past the frog king and his minion.

And then there was this guy, casting spells from on high.

My favorite is the suspension bridge. Think of all the tiny pulleys and whatnot it must have taken to build.

This cheeky fairy saw me but didn’t flinch. I think she liked having her picture taken.

I am entering my mom, AKA Nanny Rosie, in the Fairy Garden Contest 2012. Good luck, Mom!