Labor Day Labors

We are all a little bit sick here. For Labor Day, we took a morning nap, bought some fabric at seven corners, and then got some Vietnamese sandwiches at the Eden Center, where it is very hard to park. Here are 3.5 of the 6 banh mi sandwiches Steve bought (because they were buy-5-get-1-free). 

Print Fetish

Our New Yorker subscription is about to lapse. Della is one of those young people who fetishize analog equipment such as record players, sewing machines and print magazines. She orchestrated this whole sort of performance art piece to show-not-tell the power of print. Here are some stills from the performance:


On Friday, Della came down with another cold. She made us push her around the house in her stroller and pretend she was crippled.

On Saturday morning, we let her lay on the couch and watch Picture Perfect with Jennifer Anniston, and that made her feel a little better.