We went to a farm in Maryland. Mary Adams had heard from Facebook that the farm had fresh piglets born five days ago and more born yesterday.

The five-days-ago-born piglets’ mother died, so they had to be bottle fed…until this mother (above) had her own set of piglets. Now she takes care of both sets (total = 11 piglets). Look how they all line up to keep warm when the mother is busy.

Here is proof that Della was there. 

She was more interested in the geese, because they were so noisy. She liked them a lot, but they didn’t like her or Steve. Here are the geese, ready to charge.


This patch of straw and baby pumpkins will save us having to buy and carve a pumpkin of our own. Photo of Della with pumpkin = check.

Saving the best for last, here is Mary Adams fulfilling a dream.




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