Actually One

Della is actually legitimately one today. And everything looks kind of cool when you’re one. First stop: George Washington University Hospital.


Next, the Building Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. Because that’s what one-year-olds enjoy.


Quick trip to China Town. Because, you know, Chinese New Year and everything.


Lunch at Absolute Noodle.

photo (3)

Della has asked me not to make a big deal of this because it’s starting to get embarrassing, but a video has turned up that documents her first year. This is only for super fans, and I promise not to make more than one video a month in year two. With that out of the way, I give you one year ago today:

photo (5)

2 thoughts on “Actually One

  1. As one of said super fans I’m dismayed that the video is not enabled for mobile viewing. Possible to make it viewable on my iPad or is that a lot of extra work?

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