Duck and Doppelganger

Little has been said about Della’s duck, Ducken. Ducken plays “Twinkle, Twinkle” when you pull his string, and his wings are snuggly. These two are best friends. So it’s weird that for birthday no. 1 LFA got Della a Baby Alexander Doll to which is tethered a snuggly duckie, and when you pull this duck’s string, it plays a tinkly song, much like Ducken. And this duck’s name is Huggems, which sounds a lot like Ducken, and even more like Duckens, which is Ducken’s actual given name, according to toymaker Gund. No but why is it weird? Isn’t it fitting? It’s weird because LFA bought this doppelganging duo before Della was born. 


Also weird: Donald Duck’s twin sister’s name is Della. Anyway, Della has gotten sort of into ducks. It looks like this is going to become a thing for her, just like Steve and giraffes.


No there’s nothing suspect about the blueness of Della’s eyes there. That’s just her natural beauty. Moving on. We had a picnic in the back yard today. Once again, just a baby in her natural setting. 


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