Weird Times at Jones Point

Now that Della is one, things have gotten pretty weird. We took a walk along the parkway today and ended up at Jones Point Park. This here is the parkway. It’s difficult to catch it being this weird, but I managed to.


This is one of the playgrounds at Jones Point. 




This playground is perfect for pulling up and standing.


You can even fall backwards and hit your head and it won’t matter because the surface is so spongy. Which Della did, right after this shot.


Oh well, it was time to go anyway. That’s when we realized that Dora had gone exploring. Which is to say we lost Della’s doll, Dora the Explorer, gift of Rita the Riddler (Della’s daycare lady). We turned back and luckily spotted her from afar. You probably can’t see her here; she’s just a speck.


Reunited. I’ll never drop Dora again, said Della, one-half minute before dropping her.


Back home, and wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day. Loves and kisses.


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