Della’s First

Since Della likes to wake up early and be born early, we decided to also celebrate her birthday a little early. Here she is, unsuspecting, just a couple hours before the guests arrived. It was a surprise party because when you’re one everything is a surprise.DSC_0009

People started showing up. Brit was there. He brought his spaceship and promptly removed his shoes and¬†socks. Later he asked if we had a movie about space. Because it’s 2013, we said yes, we have that.


Hugh: also on the scene, and also almost one.


Spinning on the b-box (busy box), Adrian Eid. Skills and interests: walking, light switches, standing on the sit-n-spin.


Paul and Brit et al. helped Della blow out her candle. Of note: Paul requested that Mmmbop by Hansen be added to the YouTube playlist. Brit requested that a candle be added to his own cupcake.


Annie gave Della a doll stroller for her birthday. Babies pushing babies. 

DSC_0206And here’s the sweetie baby herself. It’s been a magical year. If only we’d taken more photos…






I told you about John, the Chicago Tribune photographer who was on our fateful flight to Las Vegas. This is a picture of Della looking at a picture of herself that John posted on the Tribune’s photo blog, which references Della’s blog, which in turn references John. Do I hear an echo? Click here for an objective, journalistic evaluation of Della’s goodness.

Thanks, Aunt Joan, for being the only one to comment on the Tribune post. We can always count on you for a comment. I think you did a pretty good job masking your relation to the family.