Annie Getting Older

Speaking of Anderson cousins, Annie celebrated her second birthday yesterday, and the cousins were there to provide moral support. It’s hard getting older. Annie took a moment during the lighting of the cupcake candles to shed a few tears for the passing of another great year. 


But once the flames were extinguished, it was time to rejoice in the promise and possibilities of the year to come.


We gave Annie some wooden fruits and a wooden knife. “She loves knives!” said Lizzie. “She calls them sharps.” (Graphic courtesy of Steve.)

SHARPSSpeaking of word changes, Paul used to call Hugh “Hu-man.”


One thing most people remember about the party is when Annie and Paul got really hyper together.


Uncle Scott said that when Paul is 16, Annie will be 13, and Scott is not going to let Annie drive with Paul.


Steve says he will wait to see how these kids turn out before saying who Della can ride with.


Oh hey, Brit and Della were also there.



Okay, but more importantly, Scott and Lizzie built Annie this swing castle:


Wow, way to raise the bar for parents everywhere. Happy birthday, Annie!


3 thoughts on “Annie Getting Older

  1. Well captured, Johanna! And thank you, Uncle Stevie, for the excellent graphic–we might just frame and hang it above Annie’s kitchen where she likes to play “cookinnng.”

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