Fond Farewell to Camp Anderson

One more post from Senior Camp Counselor Linda:

Final day at camp for camper Della. This was another activity-fun-filled day! Della arrived ready to tackle some new skills. She has moved beyond Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ba Ba Black Sheep, & the ABC song to learning to play a balalaika. Her small fingers were perfect playing the cords on a piece she composed herself! Very very impressive.

Della then moved on to flower arranging. However, she had to be discouraged from eating the flowers.

We were very lucky to have counselor Ginny stop by to help out. Della practiced her welcoming and hostess skills while Ginny was here. They had a good time exploring all the toys.

After a careful review of Della’s performance, we are delighted to extend an invitation to have her join us again next year.  We are considering adding wood working, weeding and house painting to our offerings for campers.

Here is Della’s report card:
Deportment: Superior
Attitude: Superior
Kindness: Superior
Singing: Perfect Pitch
Dancing: Twinkle Toes
Cuteness & Sweetness: Once again, over the top

Best Wishes!

After a long three days at camp, Della is all tuckered out.


Camp Anderson Day 2

Yesterday, Camp Counselor Linda filed this report:

Hello from Camp! Another very busy day with many new skills! Today sliding, climbing, and admiring ourselves activities at the playground were on the agenda.

admiration climb slide

Then a walk to meet the dogs in the neighborhood. Tennis lessons began with counselor Conn once again explaining the finer points at Wimbledon.


Della, of course, remembered this all from last year but she was very kind and listened to him again.


Also, today was the day for our talent show and Della performed her singing and clapping for us on the living room coffee table. Quite a balancing act on her part.


After a very quick lunch off to some water play on a very hot day. Now both camper Della and counselor Conn are down for nap before the fun begins again.

water water2

Happy Return to Camp Anderson

Today was Della’s first day of summer camp, AKA Camp Anderson. You’ll remember she was asked back after her good behavior last year. Senior Camp Counselor Linda reports:

Busy 1st day at Camp Anderson! Early am visit to swing and duck pond, short am nap (grand-dad’s talking weather lady woke her up!),* lots of walking the indoor track (at least 3+ miles) with visits to the swing, elephant, kitchen cabinets, and toy corner. Then some climbing exercise with scaling the steps (about 25 times) with lots of laughs. By then Della was ready for a huge lunch – which she enjoyed with great gusto! After lunch a stroller ride around the neighborhood, but it was good to get back to camp base because it is very very hot outside. Now everyone is ready for a nap. Water fun when we all wake up.

*This is too complicated to explain.

photo (9)

photo (10)

Post Father’s Day Luau

We hosted a past-due Father’s Day luau today, and three out of five cousins made it. The other two, Paul and Brit, are in Michigan with their grandparents getting reformed.


Brit is supposed to be getting potty-trained and Paul is working on his attitude. We heard that Paul gets 20-minute time-outs for hoarding toys, not eating, and sass. One day he got 10 time outs. It sounds exaggerated, but that’s what we heard. Meanwhile, here is Hugh eating a nectarine. He gave us all big hugs around the neck. He is not minding this at all. 


Here is Annie, busting a move. 


It really was a luau, though we don’t have any photos that prove it. Steve made teriyaki pork belly and white rice, and Linda brought Hawaiian mac salad. There was also pineapple and mai tais. Steve wore board shorts and I wore pretty much a toga, but with a tropical flower theme. We really should have gotten a group photo with everyone lined up in the same order as in Waikiki 2006. 


Show Business

Today Rita told me that regularly at day care all the kids sit in a semi-circle while each child takes a turn performing in front of the others. The performer stands on a raised platform at one end of the room, does his thing, everybody claps. Della apparently insists on participating, even though she can’t talk. She goes after Brenden, who always does “Baa, Baa Black Sheep.” She gestures and makes noise and dances, clapping for herself at what she deems the end.

Much to my delight, Rita had the kids act this out for me, with Brenden singing and the kids sitting around watching. I didn’t think it would work, because I had just arrived and Della was whining and reaching for me. But when Brenden finished his Baa Baa’ing, Della’s face lit up. Miss Gulraiz positioned her on the stage, and Della put her hands out, twisting her wrists, bending her hips, delivering an indecipherable part-song part-speech. 

I was very proud.

Here are some pictures of Della a little while later at home. Eating hummus with a big carrot can also be quite a show.

hummus1 hummus3 hummus4 hummus5 hummus2

Being Cool/Staying Cool

Here is Adrian. He came over on Saturday. He is potty trained. He likes weed wackers and lawnmowers and vacuums and brooms. Once fascinated by worms, he is now preoccupied with his fear of “little wormies.” It makes me wonder how often fascinations turn into fears.


Look at these two, acting casual in an empty pool before getting wet and naked.



Later it turned into a girl thing.


In summary, here’s a picture of Della with some raspberries.


Snake on a Crib

We deeply regret not getting a better picture of the snake we found coiled around the top rail of Della’s crib Thursday night. Here you can sort of see it trapped in this plastic container.


It was just a normal evening. I was trying to wrestle Della into a diaper and pajamas after her bath. We were seated on the floor of her bedroom when I looked up and saw the drapey black snake body slither along the crib rail. I called for Steve and then darted with Della to the bathroom. Maybe I just imagined it, I said, and Steve hoped I was right. But there it was, and we didn’t know what to do. Decapitation with a shovel was our first idea. Finally we decided on catch-and-release with BBQ tongs and this plastic thing, which was full of winter clothes at the time. Tong sword in one hand, container lid shield the other, Steve bravely approached the serpent and tried to pinch it between his tongs, at which point the snake strategically dropped to the floor. In frustration, Steve shook the crib, and through some stroke up luck wound up pinning the snake’s head to the ground with one of the crib feet. The battle was won.

No one wanting to be left behind at the snake house, we all three drove the snake to Huntley Meadows. Steve let him go while Della and I watched from the car. It was raining.

A questionable source reminds us that 2013 is the year of the black snake and even claims: “a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.” Which is really good news.