Brave New World

Della can walk. Della had a fall. The fall came first. Here are the stories.


Last night Della was climbing on a chair with a bottle in her mouth when she slipped and landed face first on one of the chair’s wooden arms. Above, a picture of her bruised left eye. The markings on her right cheek are three mosquito bites. Below, a re(tro)-enactment of the moment before the fall. This was taken a few days ago, but basically you get an idea of the kind of acrobatics that led to her unfortunate slip. 


Today I left the embattled Della at day care, and when I returned to pick her up, as I approached the door to the basement, I heard the children cry, “Let her walk! Let her walk!” I descended the staircase and stood at the stair gate, and then halfway across the room Miss Gulraiz set Della down on her two feet. The children cheered as Della made her way toward me, one foot in front of the other. Arms swinging, smile smiling. When she was close enough to reach, I swooped her up and she gave me a kiss on the lips and a pat on the cheeks. Then she turned to the crowd, gave one sweeping wave and said, “Hi!”  

At home, Della was too exhausted to perform for the camera, so no walking photo/video today. But I do have this recent photo of Della with her favorite book, Brave New World. She has formed a real attachment to it.


And I also have this cute picture of Della pushing a stroller, plus this awesome avant garde video of Della messing with Steve’s sampler. Brave new world, indeed.


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