Post Father’s Day Luau

We hosted a past-due Father’s Day luau today, and three out of five cousins made it. The other two, Paul and Brit, are in Michigan with their grandparents getting reformed.


Brit is supposed to be getting potty-trained and Paul is working on his attitude. We heard that Paul gets 20-minute time-outs for hoarding toys, not eating, and sass. One day he got 10 time outs. It sounds exaggerated, but that’s what we heard. Meanwhile, here is Hugh eating a nectarine. He gave us all big hugs around the neck. He is not minding this at all. 


Here is Annie, busting a move. 


It really was a luau, though we don’t have any photos that prove it. Steve made teriyaki pork belly and white rice, and Linda brought Hawaiian mac salad. There was also pineapple and mai tais. Steve wore board shorts and I wore pretty much a toga, but with a tropical flower theme. We really should have gotten a group photo with everyone lined up in the same order as in Waikiki 2006. 


One thought on “Post Father’s Day Luau

  1. PS: That first photo kind of makes it look like Della is happy and Della is a leader, which is why I chose it. But actually Della was pretty grumpy, fake crying her way through the afternoon, except when she was drinking a bottle or watching Madagascar 3.

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