Happy Return to Camp Anderson

Today was Della’s first day of summer camp, AKA Camp Anderson. You’ll remember she was asked back after her good behavior last year. Senior Camp Counselor Linda reports:

Busy 1st day at Camp Anderson! Early am visit to swing and duck pond, short am nap (grand-dad’s talking weather lady woke her up!),* lots of walking the indoor track (at least 3+ miles) with visits to the swing, elephant, kitchen cabinets, and toy corner. Then some climbing exercise with scaling the steps (about 25 times) with lots of laughs. By then Della was ready for a huge lunch – which she enjoyed with great gusto! After lunch a stroller ride around the neighborhood, but it was good to get back to camp base because it is very very hot outside. Now everyone is ready for a nap. Water fun when we all wake up.

*This is too complicated to explain.

photo (9)

photo (10)

One thought on “Happy Return to Camp Anderson

  1. 1. Camp counselors must be done in! And it is only Day One!
    2. When darling Della hits Hollywood these photos must go in her “book”!!!!
    3. Grand-dad’s talking weather lady is definitely disconcerting…..

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