Pool Slide

A lot of undocumented stuff going on around here:

-Della got a pink baby with a bottle. She shares the bottle with herself and with me. I try to show her that there’s a baby in my tummy by holding the bottle up to my belly button. Now she holds the bottle up to the baby doll’s belly button, so I don’t think she’s getting it.

-Della got her own rib on Saturday. She tried to feed the rib to the baby. Now we have a ribby polyester baby with barbecue stains I can’t get out. 

-We say “how about” more than we realize. How about a bath? How about a snack? How about a nap? How about a walk. Now it’s one of the few things Della says. For her it is also an affirmative exclamation. “Della, how ’bout some cheese?” “How ‘BOUT!” 

-She also starts a lot of her nonsense sentences with “Um…” so I guess we say that a lot too.

Here’s an action shot of Della coming off the pool slide.


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