Della Does Dewey and a Few Other Things

For an after-summer break, we rented a minivan and cruised to the partying-est of Delaware beaches, Dewey Beach. 


Nanny and Bappa came with us!


They bought Della TWO monkeys with belly buttons you can stick your finger in. Nothing, bought for any price, could have made any of us any happier that day.


The next day, there was a huge scene when Daddy let Della hold a flock of stuffed duckies at the Orvis outlet, with no intention of buying them for her. The only thing that could (temporarily) relieve her suffering was a ride in this coin-operated motor boat.


At night, Della took in  classic short films, including “Mickey and the Beanstalk” and “Gulliver Mickey.”


As for Della’s beach skills: improving, but room for improvement. She likes to chase the waves and is not scared of them. She is still eating sand by the handful. She calls the ocean “wah-wah” and gives seagulls and sandpipers love usually reserved for dogs, cats, babies, and animal sippy cups. 




Here is a nice un-enhanced iPhone photo courtesy of Bappa Mike  


Back home after the beach vacation was over, Nanny and Bappa babysat for two days straight. Day one they visited every toddler’s favorite fun land: the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.



They say she enjoyed seeing all the babies, i.e., the Jesus babies.


The next day they went to the zoo.



We had a great visit, and Della had more fun than two monkeys in a stroller with a baby. Love you and thank you!


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