Halloween Parade

I wanted to take more pictures but it was “waining,” and there were lots of things to hold: Della, umbrella, treats, ripped/unusable treat bag, Santa hat, camera with no lens cap, unzippable purse with Della’s dry clothes. It was fun. In the beginning, when everybody was getting ready, Della tried to put a pink pig puppet on her head because she couldn’t find her hat.

Here are the kids breaking down the day care door, anxious to get at it.


Della was Santa.


Daddy showed up. His boss probably thought he was on a job interview. He made Steve show him pictures as proof.


Here’s just a seasonal photo to wrap things up. I don’t know how she got that scratch under her eye. Probably from her scary claws. Claus. To bring it full circle.


Report: Parent-Teacher Conference

Della’s first parent-teacher conference was today.

photo (1)

Gladys put together a really nice report with pictures. See how Della uses symbolic play to try on roles? She is wearing an army vest!

photoSome things we learned about Della:

When it’s meal time, she is the first one to find a seat, and when she does she won’t budge. She gets really serious and eats fast. She likes vegetables. She can’t do zippers. She can walk sideways. She eats crayons, dirt, sand, and paint. When there is a duck in the background of a picture book, Della is the only one who will point it out. When the other kids take her toys she finds another toy to play with. She likes to play by herself and doesn’t get crazy. She can jump a little bit. She calls pumpkins “punkies.” 

photo (2)