Gorgeous George

Princely, saintly, Georgely… Behold! Our new baby, George Ogden Anderson, born Friday, November 1. newgeorge

He takes his first name from a king among men, great-grandfather George Crosby Floyd, father of lovely Linda. A steel man from Butte, Montana, George Floyd majored in chemistry and geology at the University of Montana before obtaining a Ph.D. in metallurgy from Cornell. He was one of the early developers of stainless steel and eventually became senior vice president of Vanadium. In 1965 he tried retirement, didn’t like it, and ended up working full time into his eighties.  


New George is also a hard worker, sucking all night with great determination in an effort to bring in mommy’s milk. George is so far very unlike his sleepy sister, who Steve says affectionately (and jokingly!) will probably be a stoner.

photo 1

Speaking of Della, we love her more than ever. How expansive our sense of guilt for now also loving someone else! When we brought George home on Saturday night, Della was frenetically happy until George started crying and I picked him up. Della screamed and cried tears. Steve compared it to finding your girlfriend, whose love you always took for granted, whose fidelity you never even thought to question, in bed with another man.


Look, Della, do you know how hard it’s going to be for George to live in the shadow of the cherub-saint? Relax. You never get over your first.

photo 2OMG I love her. I want to go pick her up from daycare and give her juice and hot dogs.

Anyways, back to George, whom I also love, whose head smells like love. I am letting him sleep on my chest as much as he wants because I may never have another monkey baby to sleep there.


Also, look at George’s twin: Beatrice! Born two weeks plus one day earlier than George, beautiful Beatrice Fall (at right) is George’s first friend.


That’s all for now. Georgie needs a diaper change!

photo 4

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