Washington D Seeing Things

We went to the Natural History Museum on Christmas Eve, and yesterday we sort of went to the Botanic Gardens and even briefly entered the Building Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the furniture section of the National Gallery of Art. Outside Della chased birds and sang stroller songs. George (see blue puff ball hat below) napped, gathering strength for the sleepless night ahead.



Steve took Della to see Frozen in a movie theater today. I know! She is very advanced in movie going. Della sat through a half hour of previews and almost the whole movie. When she got home she was crying, “Outside! Outside!” We had to take her outside about four times after that. 

Here are the pictures they got from the photo booth:

photo (5)


George Update

Here are some pictures of George so you can seen how he’s doing. 


One thing is that he has a tight neck on one side. Here we have raised his bed on a pile of Vice magazines to try to correct the problem. GNeck

George even has his own therapist for his neck and general fretfulness. He is getting more happy and relaxed for the most part. GPlayMat

He does smile, but it’s hard to capture. Here is an almost grin.Gsmile

Finally, here is George today, Christmas Eve. He probably just looks like a baby to you, but trust me, he is very awesome. And also very big. Gtree


Swingset Progress

Santa Mike and Santa Rose are giving George and Della a swingset/playground for Christmas, with a little help from manly builder elves Steve and Scott.

photo 5

It was slow going at first, but Della and Annie were satisfied early and easily.

Yes, it was T-shirt weather. Some car thermometers read 74 degrees. We had a Chipotle picnic.

photo 4

We spent the whole day with Scott, Lizzie, and Annie. There was a lot of diaper time, shared sippy cups, and naked snuggling.


Big playground reveal coming soon!