Uncle Paul ventured east for some very exciting times in wet and wintry Northern Virginia.DSC_0218

Paul slept in Della’s room and reported that Della talks and sings in her sleep. She does her signature Baa Baa/Twinkle Twinkle/ABC medley and also lists the names of everyone she knows: Duckie, A-roo, Elmo, Mama, Daddy, Baby, etc…

photo (9)

Paul (literally) showered Della with gifts: a complicated water wheel, a swimming mermaid, and a squirty star fish, which della calls Twinkle Star.

photo (8)

We (again!) visited the Natural History Museum, fixed dinners, and went on this walk:

photo (11)

Paul offered to teach Della some discipline, but Della politely declined.

photo (12)

George was also involved. See him attached to me here at Mt. Vernon estate? We were grateful for Paul’s assistance in attending to George’s needy needs. Paul said it was a wonderful adventure visiting our family, and he is grateful to have learned from this experience that he only wants to ever have one child. No offense intended nor taken.

photo (10)

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