Bavarian Date Night

I wish we had a picture of Steve and I dancing the polka, which we did once around the dance floor of Blob’s Park in Jessup, Md., last night. We don’t get out for a lot of date nights, but when we do…


I don’t want to get too snarky in my commentary. It looked like, under the right circumstances, a lot of fun, and I wish we had a family-friendly dance hall with pub food in beautiful Hybla Valley. Unfortunately Blob’s Park Bavarian Beer Garden, est. 1933, is shuttering its doors at the end of this month, so we’ll never know if our experience was uncharacteristically bad or par for the course. You might be asking, what did we expect?


In the above candid photo captured by our friend Bruce, the masked damsel in the middle, winner of the evening’s Best Woman’s Costume award, has just dropped her plastic bottle of vodka, and the Viking and the beer wench are wiping up the contents.

You’re familiar with the size of my exclusively breast-fed baby, so you must know how hungry I can get. We ordered wiener schnitzels at 8 pm, then changed our order to weisswurst because they were out of schnitzels, and when our food came at 10:15, we learned they were also out of weisswurst. I don’t have a picture of the kind of wurst they did bring, but let’s just say it wasn’t the best wurst.

Substitutions were also made in our appetizer course, which came out after our entrees. I ordered the bayerishcher raditeller – Bavarian salted white radishes with buttered rye bread and chives. But they were out of rye bread and butter and even, as far as I could tell, salt. The radishes were good though.

blob3 Meanwhile, Della, Annie, and George had a slumber party at Ama and Gus’s house.



Steve, I appreciate the creative thinking that went into the planning of this date, which was meant to celebrate both our birthdays and even valentine’s day. It was kind of the wurst, but it was the best wurst.  


One thought on “Bavarian Date Night

  1. I love white radishes!!!! Didn’t know you could get them in this country!!!!!! Sorry nothing came as it should have, because it would have been a great meal! Xxxx

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