Fifths and Six

Della caught Fifths Disease! George turned six months!

By all accounts, George is turning into a nice baby with a big head (99%), a stout body (96%), and a long length (91%). He is rolling and creeping and can sit for a few seconds on his own. He hums and makes dinosaur noises. When he’s grumpy, it’s not that he’s in a bad mood, it’s that you’re not looking deep into his soul and talking to him. If you do that he stops being grumpy usually. He doesn’t like to be alone or go to bed.


Some serious portraits in honor of six months on the outside.

DSC_0052 DSC_0089The way he is:

Della, meanwhile, has been sick all week. Fifths Disease. It’s not serious! And it’s over now except that she is extremely mean and ungrateful. Here she is on her sick days sleeping in the stroller near the duck pond with Ama and eating chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s with Steve.

photo (18)

photo (17)

We look forward to getting along with you soon!



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