Memorial Day Weekend

Della has been watching Little Mermaid, which she calls Mermaid Daddy because she thinks it’s a movie about King Triton. The plot is basically, “Mermaid Daddy is mad.” And then what? “Shark!” 

We were looking at pictures of King Triton on Ebay and she started singing, “God our Father, God our Father…”

We only let her watch it once a day.


Pool’s open. We went Sunday. More cousin action. Some fighting over a fairy, kicking on mermaid kick boards, falling in the skimmer, pretend leaf blowing, snacking, shivering, etc., etc.

photo 2 (3)

Camped in the backyard Saturday night. We set up all the tents.


If you hear Della talking about her “friends,” she’s probably referring to these animals: A-roo, Duckie, Hello Kitty, Zebra, Bunny, and Elmo, in that order.  If you’re carrying Della to or from her crib, you’re also carrying these six. 




We fed George pureed mac and cheese and peas and bacon. He ate so much he slept through the night and wasn’t hungry the next morning. So it’s obviously a good meal for babies.


Della calls our neighbors Rob and Laura “Robin and Lola.” She is always trying to get us to go say hi to Robin, who plays the horn and who I think she confuses with the bird robin, which she is learning about at school. We stopped by Robin and Lola’s yesterday and Della fed the fish and peed on a rock.


We’re eating out a lot. I mean outside, not going anywhere. That’s part of our potty training program. Steve said today he was proud that there hadn’t been any poop accidents. I said what about the deck, the bathroom floor, the swing set, the plastic pool, and my flip-flop. He said he meant carpet and upholstery. I said that’s true. 



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