Corina/Mega Post

Corina is here! She is Swiss. She rides this bike.

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It’s great because between a Swiss teenager and young American children there is no time difference. (I’m saying that Corina didn’t have to adjust because in Switzerland she goes to bed so late that it is like bedtime in the U.S.) 


It’s great because now I have someone to eat cereal with after dinner.

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Steve is teasing her a lot, but she can take it. He said tonight, you know how the human heart has only so many beats? What if your phone has only so many texts. Like he is worried her phone is going to die of a text attack.

Here is a panoramic photo she asked me to take of her new high school. West Potomac! 2,500 students! In Switzerland her high school has 200 kids. 


She is taking English, chemistry, statistics, U.S. history, AP European history, photography, and dance. Just so you know, our dads went to college together. This is not something random.

Okay, on Friday she went to work with Steve and saw some things. It was too much. She got sick. She is doing better now.

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There was a Frozen party at Della’s school. We had to make Della a costume. It turns out that Corina took four years of sewing in primary school and two years in secondary, so she was able to help. 

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We have been building forts.

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Corina is here, and Lizzie/Scott/Annie are gone. Away in Northern Ireland building relations. Far left is Mary Adams who we haven’t seen in forevs!

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College football is on.
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These guys are back to being each other’s number ones. Like back when George was born.

photo 4

Della likes this picture of herself.

photo 3

By the way Della this morning was watching videos of baby Della and saying “Hi! I miss you!”

Increasingly, we have these kinds of Della-taken photos on our phones.


Just want to mention that Della’s favorite thing is Band-Aids and Nanny Rose sent her some.

DSC_0219 copy

Della the cat.

photo 2

And here are some photos from Corina’s phone.

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