Steve Is in Connecticut

We had to cook dinner for ourselves. Corina made lamb sliders. The kids were all over the place, and at one point Della said, “Georgie’s eating meat.” He had gotten into something called “Harissa Paste,” which is very spicy. He cried a lot and his face turned blotchy. I took him to the living room to calm him down. Della was there, and she had spread out a straw beach blanket thing and was pouring cumin on it. photo 3

photo 4 IMG_1158

Also: George is taking three, four, five steps. Always when we least expect it. Never for the camera.


Della got a haircut. This is how she makes bean water.


Eric visited last week. Della was like, for reals? She dropped all of her Little Mermaid knowledge on him in the first few minutes. Later he read her this book. In the end, she understood: “There are two Erics,” but she was still really stoked.


Finally, dramatic scenes:

…From Paul: Maureen facing into a California smoke cloud.

photo 1…From Instagram: Corina on the roof of a car starting to have some fun.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.33.21 PM

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