George’s head is bigger than Della’s. He likes to walk around carrying one shoe. His favorite toy at the CC is a rubber cow. He has sounds for Mama, Becca, Ezra, dog, woof-woof, quack, hi, and no. 


Grandma and Grandad are back from Uzbekistan! The food there was good if you stuck to the national dish.


Della seems to have gotten over her frustration with being 2 and is entering another golden age. Right now she is babysitting George upstairs. She is eating way fewer inedibles and seems to want to behave sometimes.


The 1-year check-up told us George is still big, tall, and top heavy. George seems to have gotten over his frustration with being alive and is entering his first ever golden age. He is biting less at school. He still wakes up several times at night, and mid-way through ends up in our bed. We completely forgot to teach him to use a fork or spoon, so hopefully there’s still time for that.


Steve just said to Corina, “I remember when Frappuccinos were invented. That’s how old I am.” Corina is dying her hair. We went to a high school bonfire last night and there were chainsaws and masks. Then we went to Outback Steakhouse. I don’t know if Corina is having an authentic American experience, but we sure are.


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