Good afternoon. 

DSC_0072Della likes wearing this blue fitted crib sheet on her head.


She looks a bit like sister Annie, who was cast as Mary in her Northern Ireland nursery Christmas pageant. 

IMG_5844-001Annie/Scott/Lizzie are coming back! Soon. End of January. OMG…you guys. We are ready. And heads up, Della expects Annie to know all of the songs from Annie, The Musical.

More about Della: She fell down the stairs awhile back, and since then we have talked a lot about stair safety. Now she will tell you that there are four rules on the stairs: No hot-dogging, no dance moves, no falling, and no goggling (?).

Also, Della has an imaginary prince named Eric, and today on the stairs she said he was hot-dogging. So there is a lot to keep an eye on.


George, when he cries, now only cries for Della. But we just figured out that “Della” is the word he uses to refer to everyone in his family that is not me. It’s interesting.


Observation from George’s daycare newsletter: 

“George has been ‘tricking’ his teachers and laughing about it. He emptied toys on the floor and was asked why did he empty the toys out, he put his fists over his eyes and made a crying sound and when the teacher said George it is okay, he laughed so hard and there was never a tear in sight.” 

Why did you empty the toys out, George? That is a very hard, very existential question for a 1-year-old to answer, evidence of a challenging curriculum. DSC_0129

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