Still jet laggy and talking kind of funny, Scott/Lizzie/Annie came out for a Back-to-Normal overnight party. Annie introduced Della to the “ice cocktail,” and now Della looks like a lush in every photo. 


Great because we were trying to get her to stop talking about beer and wine at school. Now we can just give up on that.


Annie preferred not to pose for a traditional group photo.


Here she is reading us a bedtime story about the time when Princess Sophia had a sleepover with princesses and common girls and everybody got in a fight.


It was hard to get them to sleep. But after a hundred cuddles and stories and goodnight kisses, they drifted off.

DSC_0225 DSC_0226

And then Annie went to sleep with Scott and Lizzie, and Della saw a monster and climbed in our bed.


The next day after nap, Della woke up crying for Annie.


Today was warm and sunny. I explained to Della that we were going to have brunch at Episcopal and that brunch was a mix between breakfast and lunch. She said, “OH!! And he is scary and he comes down and he takes the Christmas tree and he doesn’t like Christmas!”

George had no response. When he does talk, Della says things like, “He’s singing in Spanish!” 


Next up: Della turns 3. It’s confusing to everyone that this will be happening on a Twos-day. 

3 thoughts on “Normal

  1. I love the matching jammies!! Great photos! Took a second to get the brunch/grinch thing!! And totally loved seeing all of you this past week!! Xxx

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