George plays a game where I hold him up to every window in the house and we look for kitties. We think he is falling in love with this dog he calls Kitty.

DSC_0222 DSC_0229

Della can pretend her way through hard times. She will say things like, “I have an idea! Maybe these Cheerios can pretend to be Fruit Lips (Froot Loops)!” Or I will say something like, “No, we can’t go to Chuck E Cheese, but maybe we can pretend to go there!” And she is fine with that.


George puts on a little police vest that they have in the dress-up pile at daycare and he wears it all day long. If anyone else tries to wear it, he gets pissed. At home, there have been LOTS of fights over these sparkly shoes.


This was a few days ago. It’s been snowing a lot.


This was on another snowy day this week, when daycare opened late and the kids had to come to my office.


This was today at Target. Based on history, I could not believe this.


This is what we got at Target. Within an hour it had been repurposed.


This is when Della used pink food coloring as chapstick. 


This is Della after we tried to wash it off.


Also, Della asked Steve if she would ever be 2 again. He told her no.

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