Easter 2015

“I ate too much sugar and I have to go to the doctor,” Della told me. I told her we would wait and see. 


Della and George on the day of their Easter egg hunt at school. Even the under 2s got a dozen plastic eggs filled with candy.


It was a nice day. Spring is coming! 

DSC_0362 DSC_0374 DSC_0381

Pre-Easter beer and juice hunt. Some of our friends wore these jackets.

DSC_0015 DSC_0005

George played corn hole.

DSC_0021 DSC_0022

This guy went down the slide like this, several times.


The next day we went to Episcopal for more egg hunting. Della waited patiently on the stairs as the pre-hunt group photo was arranged. Then the Eastern Bunny came out of the door behind her and everyone started screaming; it was as if he was carrying a chain saw. Della didn’t want to be in the photo after all, and neither did George. 


The lawns had recently been aerated, so it was kind of poopy looking.


This girl’s brothers tease her about being Georgie’s girlfriend. It’s not clear whether George is a willing partner, judging by this photo. But she is cute.



We went on a walk around campus. George saw tons of cats. He loves cat. 


Della ran all the way around the track by herself! That’s an exaggeration, but I would say she ran half and walked half, and we just sat there looking at her, a speck in the distance, so I still think it’s impressive.


Stupidly, after this we went to Krispy Kreme and bought donuts. 

Later, at Conn and Linda’s…



Here, Della has a croquet mallet, Paul has a Nerf cross bow, and Britt has a piece of styrofoam – all harmful in their way.


Here Della is saying she saw a monster.


Here Paul is teaching Della how to use the crossbow.


This is just a harmless bubble gun.


And then we threw candy all over the yard and let them find it and eat it.



We had dinner, followed by ice cream in cream puffs and cookies. Also there were chocolate bunnies on the table. 


If we had given something up for Lent, all of this might have made sense. Happy Easter! 


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