Lately Della is saying that she is “Miss Ella the Music Teacher.” This morning in her remedial municipal dance class, she brought an Easter basket full of “instruments,” which she tried to pass out to the other dance students at the end of class. Nobody was having it. Luckily George and I were willing to participate at home. She tells us what to do and calls us “little dancers.”


I bought a lot of 12 Native American-themed children’s books on Ebay. Some are better than others.



Friday was National Siblings Day!


Artistic but unintentional arrangement of things growing in our yard.


A few minutes before this picture was taken, these two were eating lunch alone on the back deck, and we heard Della start the meal with a round of “God Our Father.” Even the unbelievers find this respectful.


Dave and Jane came to visit at the end of their cross-country California Farewell trip. 


Della and Annie wearing matching ice cream cone shirt dresses.




Watching Toy Story 2. The sequels are cheaper! IMG_3242

George seemed to like being the only kid outside. He noticed the stars for the first time. 


Thank God for spring.


One thought on “Saturday

  1. These cheered me up immensely.

    I wonder what would happen if Della and Helen got together!


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