Normal Parenting

George likes Princess Sofia, popsicles, and dogs that look like cats. He gets mad when I put my hair up.


He has two signature lovies, a cat and a husky, and he calls them Bappa and Nanny, respectively.


We are trying to take back control of our lives. 


From him.


They say he is advanced.Chair-10

Look at these two sisters! Della gets mad when I call Annie a cousin.Chair-24

Occasionally, very rarely, we come up with a game they can both do and enjoy. As a bonus, they looked funny doing this.



We went to Lake Anna, where the water is warmed by a nuclear power plant. It’s nice!

Chair-13 Chair-14 Chair-17 Chair-16

Later that same Memorial Day Weekend, we camped in the back yard. Actually I slept inside.Chair-3

People are always saying that toys aren’t as good as the boxes they come in. And it’s true; the mosquito vacuum that came in this box is not very great. But the box is spectacular.


George does not like the big pool. 


In fact I would say both of them are mostly in it for the snacks.Chair-19

I thought this was a nice idea and a pretty picture, getting them to wash the front window. But Steve is probably right that leaving them to lather themselves in Windex is not sustainable.


While Della recovered from norovirus, George and I did the Color Run. I walked and George got carried while I pushed the stroller.


And finally, febrile Della got kicked out of daycare today, so she took over my office. Working hard or hardly working?

Chair-21 Chair-22

Passed out next to an empty cup of goldfish crackers.


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