Aroo Returns!

We found Aroo! Which is great, although it does make my Aroo Alone story somewhat less poignant. 

Della and Aroo, reunited.


The kitchen drawer of Very Important Items where Aroo was found (by me). Alongside a U of Auburn beer coozie, of course. 


Steve immediately sent out a broadcast email with the following message, which is fairly ungenerous toward me. But all’s well that ends well.

So you’ve heard Della lost Aroo. Johanna and I have been soooo bummed about this. She’s been pretty good but going to bed has been hard. [Ed note: he is talking about Della here; I have been going to bed without crying.] We’ve been feeling like it’s the end of an era and wondering if she’s going to come around and get a new friend. Of course, she’s been cosying up to lame little easter bunny thing. Which is ok, but we’d prefer her to keep friends that are less seasonal. Makes me wonder what it’s like when your teenager picks bad friends. My mom would know nothing about that.

Anyways, Johanna lost our only keys to the toyota today. Shoot, we were headed to costco for her eye exam and some well deserved smoothies. We are thinking the kids must have taken them and hidden them from us in the bottom of a toy bin. So we’ve been tearing the house apart. Pissed because these keys are expensive and the toyota is blocking the volvo in the driveway. I’m thinking I’m out like $150 and a whole afternoon.

Alright, so at this point the house is completely torn apart. All the toys are dumped out of the their bins. Laundry baskets have been torn apart. The big plastic trunk on the deck is completely empty with my collection of empty bottles everywhere. I’ve got this flashlight and I’m looking behind and under all the furniture. Lots of spiders and dust and old orphaned and unreachable toddler socks. Della and George are crying because we aren’t going to costco. We turn on Baby Signing Time for the hundredth time this week. “Eat eat eat, what a treat, repeat.”

Too Long Didn’t Read: We found Aroo and the keys!

Lessons learned? Spend more time looking and less time writing stories about losing stuffed animals.

4 thoughts on “Aroo Returns!

  1. Maybe a hook somewhere inaccessible to small people, or a special bowl, equally inaccessible to small people. Then everyone had to learn to automatically leave all keys there?? Big hug from Amsterdam! Aunt Joan

  2. I do enjoy these. Have fun at the beach. Don’t lose Aroo. (Does that name come from Mary Poppins, the movie?



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