Potty Words

Big beach post coming up very, very shortly. In the meantime, some words about potty.

Della: Um, you guys shouldn’t talk like that, like say toot all the time. Toot is a potty word.

Me: You mean dude? We’re saying dude. Not toot.

Della: That’s a potty word. Toot.

Me: Dude, Della, we’re saying dude. It’s okay to say that.

Della: No, it’s not! That’s a potty word and you’re not supposed to say that!!!

Me: Have your teachers been talking to you about potty words?

Della: Yeah.

Me: Have you been getting in trouble for saying potty words?

Della: Yeah. I called Miss Lexie a poopy head.

Me: Did you say sorry?

Della: I didn’t.

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