The Time We Went to Bethany Beach

So, I have for you a lot of beach photos and a lot of Funland photos. 


We went to the beach six mornings in a row. 


We went to Funland four times. Some of us five times.

At first George was terrified of the ocean. So much so that he begged seagulls not to go near the surf. 


I think you can see that Della didn’t enjoy Funland at all.

Chair-14 Chair-26 Chair-18

I tried to come up with a unified theory of the rides George liked/disliked. He mostly did not like rides that went any manner of up, including the carousel. Exception/complication: the swings, which he liked two times out of three. He also seemed to prefer rides where he could sit next to Della. He really wanted to go on the buttercups, as Della called them (i.e., Crazy Dazy), but was too little.



Della was way into the fast cars, but only the purple fast car. It kind of seemed like we shouldn’t have to be riding rides like this yet. 


This is definitely the profile pic we would/will use for any kind of joint account we might open.


Charlie K’s BBQ: we ate here two, some of us three, times. 


This girl (/her dad) dug a hole to attract other kids. It worked.


Fathers on duty.


One of the rides that George shook his finger at. No, he said. No.


After so many visits to Funland the magic started to wear off, but for awhile it was just f’ing amazing for these kids to drive/pilot their own little vehicles.  



Steve and George finally caught feelings for each other.


This woman has always had a special place in George’s heart.


Speaking of true lovers.Chair-21

We went on a date. Of course we got stuck at the short bar with some sort of bartender emeritus. But otherwise romantic.


Conn I think has been to the Delaware beaches before.


We brought our bikes. Obvs proud of ourselves.


This one night Scott and Lizzie went out on a date and we took Annie, Della, and George out into the world to see what it was like to have three kids! At first, it was not hard. Then they all went in different directions and we decided we should stick with two, or even one if at this point we still can.



At some point mid-trip I got really frustrated with everybody about important things like juice and cheddar rockets. That’s just always going to happen with me. I’m sorry.


This was where we lived.


First day Italian ice. George dropped his in the sand.


George is a huge fan of downward dog and can hold it for a long time.

Photo booth. The girls could use some coaching.


Last night of vacation after a bedtime swim. The morning after we returned home, Della complained of missing Bethany, especially the pool frogs.


Also: Happy Father’s Day to our beloved father, who, in the words of Lily Allen, feels good like a long hot summer.



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