Big Announcement

Last night Marc and Megan came over. At dinner, Adrian and Della announced they are getting married!! Congratulations. I’m not sure who brought it up first, but both kids seemed equally serious and consenting. We asked them about the wedding. Only for grown-ups: no kids allowed. Georgie and Beebie will need babysitters. Only neighbors invited. Adrian wants to invite his family; Della said her family is not invited. They said there will be food, lots of food, grown-up food. And grown-up music. And purple seats (Della) and blue seats (Adrian). And this will all take place in North Carolina. And there will be a flower girl. Then Adrian, who was sitting next to Della, leaned over and kissed Della’s stomach (baby on the way??), and they proceeded to whisper to each other, and finally Della asked Adrian where he would be sleeping that night.



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