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It’s September! But we have our pumpkins. It was a Friday night, Frozen was supposed to be showing on the hill at the kindergarten; it wasn’t. Disappointed, we went to Safeway. Steve said, “Hey, these pumpkins are just as good as pumpkin patch pumpkins!” I said, “I think it’s about the experience.” He said, “What?” I said, “Nevermind.” 


Della told me that stuff you don’t remember you can’t put in your dreams. Here she is asleep in the kitchen.


New Parents

Good morning, and welcome to my baby alpaca blog. Today I will be showing you a picture of the alpaca family, father Mike (at left), mother Little Spring (center white), and the tentatively titled baby Pip Squeak. alpaca family


Where do these alpacas live? Can I visit?

They live in Sacramento. Yes you can.

How many alpacas does your brother have?

Four plus this baby. He used to have five adults, but Lucille died tragically on Sunday!

How many motorcycles does he have?

I don’t know.

What are the other alpacas’ names?

I think the other ones are named Doris and Big Spring.

You are acting like this is the best thing that ever happened to you.

I was really caught off guard by my overwhelming enthusiasm.

Does this make you want to have a third baby?

It is the first thing to have piqued my interest in babies in a very long time. But no.

Can you use alpaca fur to make scarfs only, or can it be used for other things?

Yes, it can be used for other things like sweaters and hats.

You can get a lot of money for alpaca fur, can’t you?

My understanding is that there was sort of an alpaca fleece bubble. Lots of people bought alpacas thinking they could get rich quick and then the market became over saturated.

How would alpacas fare in Texas?

They would be fine.

I want one!

There could literally be another baby being born as we speak. We have no idea if the other alpaca ladies are pregnant.

I’ve heard that llamas are mean.

That could be. Alpacas are really nice, though.

Do you have any actual experience with alpacas yourself?

No, not directly.

Baby News!!

One of Uncle Paul’s several alpaca pets birthed this precious alien teddy bear in the wee hours of this morning, Pacific Daylight Time. He had no idea Little Spring, as the mother is known, was pregnant! He just went out to feed the animals, and this little guy came walking up, part of the herd. Paul couldn’t even tell at first which lady alpaca was the mom because all of the animals seemed equally proud and affectionate toward the new addition. Alpacas gestate for 11 months! Look how competent he is already. Paul is calling him Pip Squeak for now.

IMG_1569 (1)


I have been trying to let the children get very messy with their artwork. In fact I have succeeded on a professional level. You could call me a genius at this.

I think their art is getting very good but it is very much at the expense of a lot of paint.



Sculptural art by The Cousins:

FullSizeRender (12)

Paper George by me:


Paper Aroo by Steve:


Facial art by Della:


Speaking of messy kids, here are the kid pigs we visited today… 


…at the same farm we visited three years ago: