Happy Halloween!

Della and George raged it tonight. I’ve never seen them so focused and full of determination. We covered a lot of ground, and no one was shy about standing around the candy bowl waiting for someone to say, okay you can take two. Huge improvement over past years; this evening was a sure sign of their physical and cognitive progress. 



We couldn’t have done it without our candy and diaper caddy, Nanny Rose.

DSC_0088 DSC_0117

George was a Nice Shark; I was Adona, the Little Mermaid’s sister; Della was Super Snow White to the Rescue, though by the end of the night she was telling people she was Snow White’s Googly Stepsister. Steve, discouraged by the reception of his Christopher Robin costume last year, didn’t dress up. 



I call this series, My Heart Is a Ghost Town. DSC_0160 DSC_0164 DSC_0173

Just because Georgie’s birthday is coming up (tomorrow) doesn’t mean Della’s birthday isn’t also coming up.


Here’s the birthday boy now.


George, bummed he looks so much like Guy Fieri. 


But back to Halloween. Here is George with top teacher Elsy at the Halloween parade yesterday.IMG_1736

It was not hard to get a picture of these guys smiling.


Also yesterday, the kids put on these leggings and hats at 9 p.m. and went completely nuts.IMG_1805 IMG_1814

Halloween after party at the Jernigans’. Everything was fine until a bear and the Big Bad Wolf stopped by. Oh well, it was time to go anyway. Better get some rest before the big birthday tomorrow. It’s not like they’re going to sleep in.


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