Holy Mother


Fairy queen with thumbs of green, knower of everything.
Canoe paddler, cheerleader, harmonica wailer, Hobie Cat sailor.
Grand marshal of late-night tractor parades.
Maker of hay.
Seizer of days.
Motorcycle mama, mystic, magician,
Monk lover and play-by-ear musician.
A beautiful bird who flew the coop.
Healer, horse doctor, Walter whisperer, underdog defender.
Hot tubber, grandchild snuggler, holy mother.
Her Royal Hostess of East Huntsville.
Moon howler and friend to hug.
Rosie, Rosemary, Rosebud.
Percussion princess, pony cart driver,
Treehouse builder, teacher, thriver.
Our rosy-cheeked strong stubborn brown-eyed girl.
Freer of spirits, eyes of the world.
Master gardener and garden swapper.
Lovage pusher, plane hopper.
Journeyman electrician and wildest of things.
Champion of dreams.
Ski bunny, snow angel,
Hitchhiker, soap maker, berry picker, risk taker.
Lover, sparkler, singer, writer.
Artist and wrong righter.
Wife of Mike,
Mother of Johanna and Paul,
Nanny Rose to Della and George,
Daughter of Lou and Frances,
Sister of Jeanie, Bill, and Lou.

May your afterlife be a flashlight adventure, a garden of Eden, a reincarnation. We will always love you.

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