Fairy Godmother


Della said in the car today, remember when we read Cinderella the other night and you started crying for your mommy? It was the part about the fairy godmother. Della had asked, is that her mommy? And although it hadn’t occurred to me before, I thought that yes, maybe the fairy godmother could be Cinderella’s dead mother in disguise. And then I started crying and couldn’t read about the fairy godmother creating a beautiful dress for Cinderella.

Della said in the car, I really miss your mommy, too. All the fun things we did, we won’t have them anymore, she said. She said something about not going to heaven referring to a conversation we’d had. I said, Della what I meant was that she isn’t going to come back from heaven, but one day we will see her there, but not for a long time. George said, oh maybe we can drive there mommy. No, you can’t drive to heaven, I said. He said, maybe in a little car. I said, no heaven is a different dimension. It’s all around us but we can’t see it. Like fairies. I said, even though we won’t see Nanny Rose the way we used to see her, we can see her in our minds. We can remember her and things will remind us of her. And she taught me so many things, and so many of the things I do are because of her. Della said with tears in her eyes, do you see her in your dreams? I said yes, I will see her in my dreams and so will you.


3 thoughts on “Fairy Godmother

  1. Johanna, Children have such a beautiful way of making sense out of the inexplicable. Della and George will certainly remember their beloved Nanny Rose who enriched their lives in so many ways. And they will learn depth of feeling and the meaning of love and relationships from their mother. Take good care, and please know you are all in all our thoughts and prayers.
    Lots of love, Jane

  2. That was lovely Johanna. With each day the pain of loss will soften but your loving memories will remain. There is hardly a day that goes by when I don’t think of my mom. We are fortunate to have such loving memories. Hang on to them and cherish them. Love and hugs

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